October 1, 2021

Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre goes green

We're generating clean power for the Centre and reducing our long-term carbon footprint.

We're excited to announce that our solar panel installation is now live!
Consisting of more than 2,100 solar panels, the $1.5 million project is capable of producing 1,274 MWh per year, generating clean power for the Centre and reducing its long-term carbon footprint.  

The annual green electricity produced from the solar installation will be the equivalent of offsetting the energy use of 104 homes or 114,877,067 smart phones charged over the course of a year.  

The green switch has been flicked, and shared value will be delivered to the retailers at the Centre with stores starting to see savings in their outgoings; providing an additional form of support during these hard times.  

“We recognise the role we need to play in reducing our long-term carbon footprint and this solar installation will not only help make a positive impact on the environment by generating enough power  to offset 195 passenger cars driven in one year but it will also improve power reliability for the area by minimising our reliance on the local power grid" - Ben Delutis, Chief Operations Officer at DeGroup, owner of Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre.

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